My Grandpa Mo

My Grandpa Mo fell in his house and broke his hip about a month ago.  Anytime this happens with an older person, it seems that their bodies slow down greatly and that they die soon after. Unfortunately my Grandpa has pnuemonia, COPD and stage four lung cancer.  Any one of these would be awful, but the combination made it impossible for them to operate on his hip.

We've always enjoyed sharing stories among our family about his quirks.

He is very Republican.  Very.

He was an avid golfer - loved the game.  His house is on a golf course and he designed the home.

He worries about everything.

I have a picture of him clipping his finger nails over a trash can at a graduation party (think it was for my cousin Karlie).  The irony is that he was clipping them outside.  Not sure but that he could have just clipped them over the grass and it would have been fine.

He always made it clear to me that it must really be nice to have summers off and that teaching was an easy job.  Then told stories of when he taught a class... but don't remember the details.

His home always sounded like a battle zone - he watched movies about the various wars in our history constantly... while sleeping through them on the couch.  The rest of us got to hear them when we were there.  And Dosh was in a war every day :)

If he wanted a drink, he simply shook his glass up in the air and let the ice clink together.  Dosh would hear it and fill it.  (He once asked me to make him a martini... I told him I had no idea what was in that and had never had one.  I could have had more fun with that one and made something really interesting)

He used to smoke constantly.  I once hid a pack of his cigarettes in his refrigerator thinking it might help him not to smoke.

He has a distinct way of saying hello on the telephone... "Helllllooooooo" (deep and gravely)

I stayed at their home a few times when I lived in TN during college.  He tried to teach me to golf but I was terrible at it.

If he couldn't reach my parents by phone, he was known to call me and once left a long message that said something about how my parents wouldn't pick up the phone and he wondered if I knew where they were.

He came a few years ago to meet Riley and Julia.  Riley had been praying for a Rapunzel dress and Grandpa Mo bought it for her as a surprise.  As soon as she got it, she ran into her room and sat behind her chair.  Then came out to tell us that she had prayed to get the Rapunzel' wig.  She's a huge believer that God hears our prayers as a result of Grandpa Mo bringing her the dress.

He gave his time to drive people to hospitals to help them.

My parents are in TN with him at the moment.  My mom just texted to say that they are sitting and watching him breathe.  He is fighting a fever today and hasn't eaten anything since Wednesday - five days ago.  They have him on a strong dose of morphine and he's not in pain.  It's very likely he will not be with us much longer and I pray that he goes peacefully without pain.  That he is able to see Jesus.  That he can be free from cancer/COPD/pneumonia.


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