Goodbye February

It was a fast month apparently.  A few milestones:

1) Neither girl had the flu this February!  The last three years they have both had it the same week and one of them always had both strains at the same time making them incredibly sick.

2) Winter actually showed up.  It was chilly at times, but we hadn't had any snow.  Then this week happened.  We had two snow days (no school!) on Monday and Tuesday; early release today due to snow.  It's beautiful!

Other happenings that I remember:

1)  TMEA Conference - best one yet.  Had so many great ideas as a result of going to it.  Thought of it in a different light than I have in the past.  Planning to submit to present as well as to submit videos of both my fifth graders and my Orff ensemble.  Not sure that any of them will be chosen, but my goal this year is simply to put myself out there and see what happens.

2)  SMU - loving the research class!  Wasn't really sure about what I'd think about it as I hadn't done research in this way before.  Have been reading the book "Naked Statistics" by Charles Wheelan (not to be confused with "Naked Research"... made the choice to google that to find the book and found other things... not good.)  We had to read two chapters from this book, but I found it an excellent and much more practical way to understand concepts I hadn't learned before.

3)  Piano lessons - students are doing awesome; Riley is blowing me away with what she is accomplishing.

4) Laundry!  How could I forget laundry?!  Best news ever:  snow days allowed me to get ALL the laundry done AND put away.  It's always done, but rarely put away at the same time.  Usually sits folded in the hamper for a day or two.  This felt like a huge feat and I'm relishing in it.


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