Two weeks in

School has been amazing.  Best start to a year that I can remember and I'm loving all the new xylophones that we get to use in class!!!  The kids have been so easy to manage and they are doing an incredible job listening and playing.  Lots of smiling and laughter.  I love hearing "That was fun!"  and the "oooohhh man!" when they wish the lesson would keep going.  I'm bummed too!  A mom stopped me in the hall today as I was walking into the office and said that her kindergartner didn't want to come to school today and was sad as they walked in.  Then I said hi to her and she lit up and told her mom I was her music teacher, went into the cafeteria no problem and was happy.  The mom was very excited and we talked for a minute before I went back to the cafe for morning duty.  Made my day.

Riley is enjoying first grade.  Though she has been disappointed in the amount of reading and writing time the first few weeks.  She said they only do it for six minutes and she wants to do it a lot longer than that.  Riley was excited when she had some homework to do this week.  Each night there is an assignment like "Read ten minutes" or "practice counting like this" and there is a demonstration.  She is reading amazing.  And loving it.  The only time she gets annoyed is when I try to help her sound out a word.  She always says "Mom!  Don't help me, ok!  I can do this."  And she's right.

Julia is loving preschool now that she has a new teacher in her class.  She isn't crying at drop off each morning, is happy and never wants to leave when I pick her up which is a good thing.  She's got a little chest cold (the normal daycare cold) but it's just something that happens when you start back at daycare after being off for the summer.  The only thing Julia doesn't like is that she has to wear uniforms.  Riley never cared, but Julia sure does!  She'll be excited to be done with them after 19 more months.  (not that I'm counting how much longer daycare will be... or the fact that for $800 x 19 months that we'll be getting a big raise on month 20!!)


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