First Car Accident

A week and a half ago I was in my first car accident ever.  For that matter, so did Riley and Julia. We were getting donuts, it was raining and I went to turn into the parking spot.  Never even saw the lady coming toward me at all.  She was cutting through parking lots to avoid Main Street.  We collided and the girls immediately started to cry.  I told them we were ok.  I backed up and got out of the car.  Mine has over $1000 damage to the front end; though from looking at it, it doesn't look that bad to me.  Her car was majorly messed up.  Smashed headlight, bumper caved in front and hood of the car was down on one side and up on the other.  

She was an older lady and said "Didn't you see me?"  My answer was:  "No!  I never did!"  I felt terrible.  Her car locked up on her once she shut the door so her keys were locked inside.  I went to get out my information and put my umbrella between the door and the top of the car; shut my door and smashed the umbrella into several bent pieces.  Quite the way to start the day.  While we waited, the girls got their donuts and sat in the car.  I waited in the rain with the lady for an hour and a half waiting for her daughter to bring her a spare key.  Didn't feel right about leaving her out there by herself and she didn't want to come into my car.  

I gave the girls my phone and told Julia to pick a song.  She picked "This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli.  Perfect song to remind me of how blessed I am no matter how bad the things are that happen to us.  It ended up being a very long day, but a good one.  I went straight to work and was four minutes before starting my first class and then taught straight through to the last class.  

Was just thankful that there isn't really any repair we have to do on the car immediately and that we can have it fixed within the next four years according to Progressive.  That's a great thing considering our deductible is $1000 and it's a lease.  Will definitely be getting it fixed; just not today.


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