How to make frozen popsicles

Today is the first day off for Thanksgiving break!  Loving it.  Home with Jules and Riley while Madi is at a playdate all day with Elizabeth.  So far we've done really exciting things - watched Boz, played in the playroom and gone to Walmart.   And it's been awesome!!

Riley and I turned on the movie "12 Dogs of Christmas" while we both snuggled under a blanket on the couch.  Julia was upstairs sleeping.  I saw Riley go into the kitchen and open a Danimal yogurt.  Thought she was just getting one to eat so I turned around and watched the movie some more and she came in and sat by me.

She said she was hungry after she sat down and I didn't remember seeing her eat it.  So we went to the fridge to find this:

She told me that she was very sad because they weren't getting frozen.  And that she'd seen a commercial on tv where they stick popsicle sticks inside cups and they make frozen pops, but for some reason hers were not working.  And they wouldn't stand up right in the freezer so she had to put them in the fridge.  And that it was a mess on the freezer floor from where the danimal dropped.  And that little kids just can't clean up by themselves.  It's not possible. They can't do it.  Just can't.  Only can clean up with help from someone else.

We put a few of them in the freezer and covered them.  So we'll see if we can actually make frozen pops today.


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