Cute things I've forgotten to share

So here are a few things that happened in October:

1 - My parents were over the house.  Riley turns her body towards us in the living room.  She is about to fart and says "I'm going to fart at you."  Then proceeds to let it out.  Then says "I wanted to creep you out."

Okay - so I only remember one thing.  But then Halloween came!


1 - The girls were sooo cute!  Julia was dressed as Alice in Wonderland, Riley was a cowgirl (from head to toe) and Madison was Cleopatra.  We all went to my parents neighborhood party where they got to pet animals at the little petting zoo area - chickens, bunnies, etc... - and go on a hayride.  Their favorite part was getting to ride ponies at the pony corral.

2 - On Halloween night, the girls went to a few houses on our street before Jules went to bed.  They were very excited.  Julia tore down the street.  Was running SO fast!  At one of the first homes, they had a skeleton head that moved and lit up and talked.  When it was pointed out to Julia, she said "Doggie!"

3 - My dad and Jeremy took Riley and Madison out around the neighborhood while I put Jules down and then my mom and I passed out candy.  At the homes, Riley asked the people if she could pick out her by saying "May I please pick my own?"  to which she was often told "Sure - take two!" (or more)

4 - At one of the homes, the man gave Riley a huge handful of candy and Riley goes "That's too much" and handed him back a Reese's.  Reminded me of how last year she brought all of her candy to Grandma and Grandpa's house and then passed out her own candy to the other kids that came to the door.

5 - And of course, Riley wanted to pet all of the dogs :)


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