I love a real bargain!  My mom would be so proud :)  As she loves shopping and bargain hunting as well and showed me how to do it as I was growing up.  I can remember her shopping at Lord & Taylor, finding an item she wanted to keep her eye on, hiding it in a different rack of clothing (shhh - don't tell) and then going back there every Saturday for several weeks until it was at least 75% off the regular price.  I've taken her lessons to heart (except the hiding part.... sometimes ;) and scored some great deals).

Being on Spring Break is an amazing thing!  My husband says that I need to work just so I can support my shopping habits when I'm on break.  Which would definitely be true of our shopping the last few days.  Though we're both thrilled with the outcome of the items we just purchased - most which were necessities anyway.

So here are my deals from this week :

JCPenney - had a $15 coupon off of a $15 purchase.  Found Riley a cute dress for $19.99 which was originally $45.  Total was $14.99 plus tax.

Gymboree - found four items that will work great for Riley in the fall:  a jean skirt with daisies on it, jeans with no embroidery - can be worn with anything, a solid brown turtleneck and a new pair of pjs.  Items were well discounted, had 30% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon.  Jeans were originally $28.75.  I paid $3.91.  Turtleneck was originally $14.  I paid $2.23.  Pjs were normally $24.  I paid $7.83.  And the skirt was originally $26.  I paid $6.73.  Total was $20.70 instead of $92.

Ann Taylor Loft - purchased three items.  Entire store was 30% off.  Two sweaters - originally $69.50 and $59.50.  Each one was only $3.42!  Cute tanktop was $24.  (I splurged a little as it's a work style one and was still $16 off)  Total was $32 instead of $169.50!

Weir's - Jeremy and I decided on a whim to go look at bedroom furniture today at Weir's.  We've had our eye on a bedroom set at Haverty's which is gorgeous, but also costs a lot.  We saw a gorgeous King bed and dresser set that was on the main floor.  Dark woods, very tall and oversized headboard, beautiful footboard with lots of detail.  Dresser was oversized and gorgeous as well (have I mentioned the word gorgeous?).  Originally the dresser was $1799 and the bed was $1799.  They discounted it because they don't have the matching chest or nightstands.  So they were each $499!!  So we ditched the Haverty's idea and spent the $1000.  And it arrives on Thursday!  We're especially excited because we've lived with a king mattress, Target bookshelves for nightstands and a large broken dresser for several years.  We're extremely excited.  Total was $1100 including tax and delivery.  Originally would have been $3600!

Total spent:  $1205
Total if purchased with original prices:  $3939
Total saved:  $2739

So if I had any bargain shopping advice it would be:

1 - Use coupons and use them wisely.
2 - If it's not on sale, don't even think of buying it.  It will go on sale and most of the time, there is no reason to buy it unless it is under 50% off.
3 - Bargain shopping is a total blast if you're patient enough to wait for a good deal.
4 - Shop the sales racks before looking at the new items.  Your perspective on things will change.
5 - Be willing to get a different color or try something completely new.  It will pay and you will save!


  1. Excellent advice! "Someone" taught you well. By the time you were 2 or 3, you didn't ask "Can I have this?" You'd ask "Is this on sale?" LOL ... I think you out-bargain me at this point!!


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