Party On!

Julia is now one!  It went so fast.  She's now teetering around the house.  Not quite walking.  Not quite not-walking.  She's really made some dramatic changes this year and is proving herself to be a worthy opponent with Riley in personality.

Some noticable differences this year:

1 week old - could barely get out a cry and had the softest cry of any baby I have ever heard
1 year old - screams incredibly loud.  Wakes Riley up in the middle of the night.  Will have screaming wars with Riley to see who yells loudest (seriously - I have this on tape!).

6 months old - can sit up
1 year old - is really working on walking.  Goes about 10-15 steps and then falls.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.

8 months old - makes sounds
1 year old - talks.  a lot.  Jeremy said "Hi Jules!"  She responded with "Hi Da-da!"  Clear as day.  This morning, as I dropped her off at Kami's house, she looked at me, waved and said "Buh - bye!"  Again, clear as day.  She loves to say "ai-ai" (Ry-ry).  Think that will be one of her favorite words :)

1 week old - loves her bottle
1 year old - loves her bottle.  In fact, she hates cups.  I put her formula in a cup and she crossed her arms, screamed, and pushed it away.  I left the room (she was strapped in!) and came back quickly.  Saw her look to see if I was gone, drank from the cup.  As soon as I got back, she saw me and I said "Good job Jules!"  She threw the cup out of her mouth, crossed her arms again and screamed.  So I don't compliment her anymore.  :)  Just kidding.

1 day old - smiling.  Well, okay, squinting and not able to see much of anything.  But she was happy!
1 year old - smiling always.  Probably the happiest girl I've ever met.

So Happy Birthday Sweet Jules!!!  You're amazing!


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