Grandparents Day

Every Spring we have two days for Grandparents Day at school.  Yesterday was for middle school.  My Orff and Recorder ensembles performed.  I was incredibly proud of them.  One of my favorite parts was having my dad there to see what I do with students.  You're never too old to have your parents support!  And I was so proud to spend part of the day with him.

The girls were fortunate to have both Grammie, Poppi and Grandpa there today.  Primer students sang a few songs and then the grandparents went back to their classrooms.  The students wrote puppet shows, created the puppets and the sets.  They were adorable!  Julia and Knox wrote one that they called "Two Friends are Great!"  Julia's puppet played the part of Crazy Girl and Knox's puppet played the part of Mr. Maraca.  They took a trip to the airport, rode an airplane and got a little silly along the way.  Loved it!

After the puppet shows, Julia showed us her Seesaw app where we got to see some of the work she has done throughout the year.  This was followed by chapel and then Julia went back to class while everyone hung out to wait for Riley's turn.

Riley's grade level sang a few songs.  It was cute watching Riley and her friend Lauren as they sang their hearts out and had great stage presence.  Then the Swan Squad girls performed a revised version of the song "Can't Stop the Feeling!"  They rewrote the words so that it was about Grandparents.

When we went to her classroom, each student had prepared a potato project.  The potatoes were dressed as the career that each student wanted to have when they grow up.  The shoe boxes holding them were decorated to match their career.  Riley's potato was an inventor and she had her BB8 figurine on a table to represent a robot that she built.  What I didn't realize about the project was that each student was going to read the short essay that they had written about what they want to be/do when they grow up!  I knew Riley had written one, but it was so impressive listening to the students present to a room full of grandparents!  It made me so proud to see a Grandma turn to another Grandma at the end of Riley's speech with wide eyes and saying "WOW!"  Her speech was very well written so I'll copy it here, exactly as she wrote it:

Have you ever made a robot?  Well, in my job, that's a lot of what I will do.  Hi.  My name is Riley.  When I grow up, I want to be an inventor.  I chose job because its' what I'm best at.  And, of course, my favorite thing to do.
Some of an inventors responsibilities include having to fix big problems around the world or making big decisions for my products.  Although, other than that, most of my time will be spent creating fun toys and games for kids just like me.  To me, this job is the best for me because I"ll get to do my favorite things.  For this job, I will need special training at MIT, Massachusets' Institute of Technology, in order to fulfill my dreams.  And, scince my job will be in Boston, I will live by my aunt and uncle.  I will live there because then my uncle can give me tips.
This job is important to me because I love helping others and seeing smiles.  When I'm older, I hope to create things that will change the world.


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