My blogging skills are pathetic this year.  Or I guess I could look at it as my life is overly full.  That's a much better way to look at it I think as there has been little down time to write.

It's been an exciting one and a half months to start off 2017.  Some highlights so far:

1)  Trump
Trump became President and many are claiming the world is coming to the end.  What a challenging and horrible two options we had to choose between for the election.  It's a shame that a trustworthy, well-spoken, caring and amazing leader could not have been an option.  Sometimes you have to choose the best of two evils... and that was the case for this election year.  I can only pray that good comes of this and that our country can figure out how to come together rather than continue to pour hate and division.  And I mean this on both sides.  It's been rough.  Explaining it to our kids has been a challenge as they don't need to know all of it, but I think they do need to understand what has happened in their own way.  We talk a lot about listening to others, giving care to others, being full of love and trusting/praying to God that He would be in this.

2)  Solo Flights
Riley took her first flight alone to see Grandma and Grandpa in TN.  I had the idea for her to fly to see them as the girls were arguing often enough and I was about to leave for TMEA in San Antonio for a longer weekend.  My parents were all for it and made it possible!  Riley was a bit nervous before going, but her nervousness was only about the possibility of turbulence on the flight.  She wasn't nervous to be by herself.
I took a picture of her at the airport before her first flight there.  She's such a young lady, but yet she held her stuffed animal snowy owl in her hands the whole time.  It was a reminder that while she's growing up, she's still a little girl... at least to me.  She'd probably not like me thinking that! :)

3)  Two More
Julia lost two more teeth!  Her lower tooth was wiggly and she asked Ms. Hackney if Mrs. Gunter could pull it for her.  Ms. Hackney told her to try twisting it.  Julia twisted it and it came out easily.  The second tooth came out a few days ago.  She went to show it to me at home and when she smiled, it was already missing!  She was shocked and unsure of where it had gone.  Since it was early morning and couldn't find it in bed or on the floor so we're thinking that she swallowed it.  And that's our story for that!

4)  Daddy-Daughter Dance
The girls got to attend the Daddy-Daughter dance this year.  We went shopping for dresses for both of them.  They looked stunning and beautiful and were so happy to go.  Jeremy went out shopping for a new suit coat and ended up finding two incredible coats as well as some other things that he truly needed.  Julia had him practice his dance moves and their hand positions for a waltz-like dance.  Hoping they get the chance to do it again!


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