Chicks in Primer

Ms. Hackney, Julia's Primer teacher, has lived on a farm with her aunt and uncle the past year.  She always had interest in having baby chick eggs in her room and watching the process of them hatching.  This year Julia was able to watch the chicks in the incubator through the process of hatching.  They used something called candling to compare how the chicks were all growing.  When you place a black screen behind the egg with a candle underneath it, the students could see the chick eating the yolk as it turned into a furry chick.  Then they got to see it break through the eggs and hold them.

Each student named their chick.  Though how they could tell them apart is a mystery.  Ms. Hackney says that they claimed to know which chick was their own.  Julia named her chick "Lovey" and one of the boys in her class named his "Eyeball."


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