Last week we were able to get our sewer lines fixed as well.  This was the not so fun part of our Spring Break.  The plumbing company came and dug three massive holes outside our home - one in the front, one in back and one on the side.  They had originally only found a few breaks near the front, but the more they tested and fixed, the more they found.  The back breakage meant having to dig up a portion of our patio and brick and foundation.  The side breakage was over 10 feet long of pipe.  It was a pricy fix.  But worth it.

Along the way, they also discovered the reason our kitchen tile has been so hot: we have a hot water leak as well.  The company couldn't identify it for a while because all the jackhammering had lodged something into the pipe.  Once it settled, the hole is back and the item dislodged so we have to have the company back out to find exactly where the leak is located.  More drilling will then happen, but this time it'll be inside our home.  In the meantime, to save water and money and damage, we only turn the hot water on when we need to take showers and then we immediately turn it back off.

Thankful for some help from insurance and that everything is almost working correctly again.


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