Riley is not liking her bangs at all.  It's only been a few weeks, but she's over it.  We've been playing with different ways to pull them back so they're out of her face.  My mom gave us a large barrette that's helping.  Riley has a few headbands and thick fabric headbands that are working as well.

A few nights ago she came down with a sparkly pink fabric head wrap.  She said something to me, but I was caught up in a project and didn't look up.  Just said "Um ok."  Jeremy asked if I had looked at her hair and I said I hadn't.

She came back into the room and said "I didn't have a pink head wrap.  I'm sorry for cutting my gymnastics shorts to make one.  But I needed a pink one to match my outfit."

Turns out she took her gymnastics shorts and cut them so that the waistband was now a head wrap.  She's wearing it to school today.  I love my creative girl...  now to hide the scissors before she cuts something else!  :)


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