Both girls are sick with croup.  Enough said.  I went with them to the store and bought two elephant humidifiers.  After all, if they have to use one, it might as well be somewhat fun.  Riley was super excited about it and loved that the nose lets out the steam.  She's also very excited about pink medicine.  She spent her entire day lying on the couch at Kami's house.  This is completely not her style which is how we know she is sick.

Julia could really care less about any of it and just whines for hours beginning around 5pm.  She's still whining at the moment and it is after 7pm.  However, if I go to soothe her, she pushes on me and wants back in her bed.  So it's best just to let her be.  We've had lots of bonding time the last few days in the bathroom with steam.  And we've had lots of fun with the suction bulb as well.

So ready for croup to leave this house.


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