Welcome to TN!

My parents and the girls flew from Providence to Nashville on Saturday, June 2.  I had originally planned to drive to TN on Sunday or Monday, but the weather on the drive was supposed to be scattered rain showers or thunderstorms on those days and I really don't like driving in the rain.  Once I heard about how the trip had gone with the sickness, I figured it'd be better to go early anyway.

I told the girls I was going to be there on Sunday, but called my mom to tell her I'd be surprising the girls and actually driving up on Saturday instead.  I heard Julia say "Oh yay!"  in the background and my mom shared that she had heard.  So I then just shared with Riley that I'd see her the next day.

The drive from TX to TN is usually about 12 hours when traveling through Arkansas and across TN. It's an easy drive and pretty once you get into Arkansas and on the Tennessee side.  I don't really like the TX portion as it's just city and not the best parts to drive through.  I love the time alone to just sing, pray, and think.  Found it really refreshing.

They ended up taking a bump on their flight so I got to the house before they did.  I ordered a pizza from the local Villa Pizza place and cooked it at home.  Soon enough they pulled up.  The girls ran over to give me a big hug.  I swear Riley grew a foot and Julia had grown several inches as well.  It was great to see all of them!


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