Grandpa's Birthday Cards

For my Dad's birthday, Julia found two cards that we really liked - one from her/Riley and another one from me.  When we got back to the house, Julia got right to work on the cards.  She decorated the envelopes with hearts, signed the envelope from herself and Riley, and sealed it.  For the card from me, she created a design of little dots on it and hearts and sealed it.

I noticed that both envelopes were sealed with the cards inside and asked Julia if she had written inside of them.  Julia told me she hadn't written inside of them because they already had the nice words inside.

My dad opened the cards that afternoon and said something about her decorations on the outside.  He read the cards and made note that there wasn't anything signed.  I shared what Julia had said.  He giggled and smiled.

Then he opened my card and was expecting it to be more sentimental (which it would have been, had I been able to write something personal).  He saw it wasn't signed either and laughed and smiled.  He said he'd save the cards so that we could just give them to him again next year.

Happy birthday Dad - we love you so much!!


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