Determined Swimmers

Each day this week the girls have had swim practice.  I've stayed to watch a few minutes of each of their sessions before going home for a bit.  It's been neat to see their progression even over just a few days.  Last night they asked if we could go to the pool so they could practice their dives.  Both girls will be diving off the starting blocks in their meet tonight - something they've never done before and they're both nervous.  They don't want to belly flop or embarrass themselves.  We've continued to tell them that we are proud of them for learning new skills and that no matter what happens, we're proud of them. 

They worked hard on their dives last night and said they felt more confident in practice today.  Riley is doing great on her turns at the end of each length.  Julia has a beautiful butterfly form and continues to work on putting her face in the water during the freestyle.  She's working so hard on the stroke and will figure out the breathing as she continues to work on it.


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