Thanksgiving in TN

My parents recently moved to TN and we were fortunate to go spend a week with them.  It was chilly and beautiful.

Julia had her first airplane flight into Nashville.  She loved the ride and had no issues until the landing when her ears wouldn't pop despite trying multiple ways to help them.  She loved the flight on the way home and had no issues.

It was fun to watch her experience an airport 'on the inside' for the first time.  We checked our bags and then proceeded to go through TSA screening.  We were stopped by an agent who asked us questions as he took our tickets.

Agent:  What is your name?
Riley:  Riley
Agent:  How old are you?
Riley: 9

Agent:  What is your name?
Julia:  Julia
Agent:  How old are you?
Julia:  6

Agent:  What is your name?
Me:  Jessica

A few seconds went by...

Julia: 39

The agent laughed and said he had a few years on me.

Agent:  What is your name?
Jeremy:  Jeremy

Virtually no time went by...

Riley and Julia:  41!!
Then they both giggled


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