Goal Check for 2016

This year I set 12 goals and actually kept three of them.  Not a great average.  The crossed out goals show the ones actually fulfilled.  Cheers to 2016 and hope for 2017.

1) Read 16 books in 2016 
Read a good amount of books this year.  Definitely more than 16

2) Financial Check Ups
We were more consistent at the beginning and then got busy and the busy kept us from doing it consistently.

3)  Disconnect so I can Reconnect
Less Facebook.  Still could do less scrolling.

4) Write 4 original pieces for middle school curriculum as well as examine, restructure and design pieces around Music For Children Volumes. One piece per grade level!
I helped students write their own pieces, but didn't do this one :(

5) Teach a music education seminar/workshop
Earned approval from LISD to teach a workshop.  Haven't taught one yet.

6) Take a self defense class - Nope

7) Learn more Spanish with Duolingo and find ways to interact with others who speak Spanish.  Get a Spanish workbook to learn more.
Used the app fabulously but didn't use a workbook.

8) Travel as a family - Completed!
My parents had us out to their home in TN for Thanksgiving.  First family vacation for the four of us - ever! Julia's first plane flight.

9) Engage in meaningful and purposeful relationships
We had one family over during the year that wasn't family.  One.  Loved it, but wasn't enough time to really develop deeper relationships.

10) Continue my education at SMU towards my Master's Degree with excellence.
Completed and almost done with the degree.

11) Find ways and time to work out.
Yes, but not really. As in, I walked the dog often, but not much of anything else.

12)  Use our Crockpot to plan means ahead of time.
Use the crockpot.... never.  Never used it all year.


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