Moments from the past few months

1)  Our home was covered in Caution tape of all different colors.  Jeremy said the dog was barking around 10:30pm and he put him in his kennel.  Then looked out the window to see some boys (probably around 3rd grade) getting into an SUV.  Since the third grade teachers all had their homes done the week prior, we're thinking it was the same kids.  It took no time to clean up and

2)  The girls have summer workbooks to keep their minds thinking.  Riley was trying her math book.
Riley:  I wish I could do this with a teacher.
Me:  I am a teacher
Riley:  No, I mean a literal teacher

3)  We've done quite a bit of clean out of clothes.  The girls have both grown so much.  Riley's especially gotten so tall and needed to sort out her closet.  I told her to just take everything out of her drawers and closet and set them on the bed.  She enlisted Julia's help.
Riley:  Hey Jules - want to help me throw clothes on my bed?
Julia:  Sure!  I'm great at that!

4)  For Mother's Day, I was looking through the photos on my phone for a pic of my mom.  Instead I found a pic collage that Julia made that had several pictures of her and I and she wrote the words, "I love my mom."  When I scrolled to the next picture, it was another pic collage she had made that contained all pictures of herself and she had typed the words, "I love my self."

5)  Julia woke up and made her breakfast all by herself.  She told me:  I watched by learning you.

6)  Julia wrote me a note the other day that said:
Dear mom
I am rele mad at you
Love Julia

7) In May, we had our hot water lines and sewer lines repaired.  Wasn't quite where we wanted to put $11,000...  ugh

8) Riley traveled to TN with my parents in April.  She loves it.

9)  Jeremy and I took a soufflé class at Sur La Table.  Was fun!

10)  Julia:  Mom, did you know that my friend got a cricket in her neck?  It means you can't turn it.


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