Dance Recitals

Our girls both have dance recitals today in about an hour.  Julia had her dress rehearsal on Thursday night and stood on stage with her hands in her mouth - didn't dance.  She looked so pretty in her costume.  She was tired, hungry and overwhelmed from the week at GSES Camp.  (The girls did a four day sports camp where they also swam each afternoon)

Riley had a fabulous day with my dad at her dress rehearsal on Thursday as well.  She was able to get her hair done at my friend Lori's Supercuts and then my mom's friend did her makeup.  She looked stunning in the pictures they sent!  And so much older!

Today I can't stop thinking about them and hoping that this experience is a great one.  I'm in San Antonio at Orff III.  Amazing week.  I'm missing them so much today.  The girls are so beautiful and such wonderful dancers.  So incredibly proud of them and can't wait to see more pictures and videos!


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