Checking In

Hadn't looked over my yearly goals in a few months and thought I should assess where I am half-way through the year.  My fifteen goals for 2015:

1.  Date night at a different restaurant each month
January:  Whiskey Cake
February: Seasons 52
... well, we've got some work to do here.  Haven't gone to any other new restaurants since for our date nights.

2.  Use our Vitamix to make breakfast smoothies at least two times a week
Yup - doing great on this one!

3.  Take Mommy/Daughter dates out with each girl - 6 dates for Riley and 6 dates for Julia through the year
- Haven't done a single date with either girl... need to work on this

4.  Exercise twice a week
Yup - getting this in.

5.  Read books that I love and leave books unfinished that I don't love... and work at being ok with the fact that I didn't finish them.
- Loving the books

6.  Send in tape/recording of my choir and/or Orff ensemble to perform at TMEA
- Recorded my choir and Orff ensembles, but have taken a new job so I did not submit them... maybe next year!!

7.  Submit application to be a presenter at TMEA
- Did not submit application due to so many changes

8.  Create illustrations for my music book
- Haven't started this

9.  Write ten Orff arrangements for my students.  Students perform at least three of them.
- Continuing to work on this and 

10.  Declutter and keep from filling it back up.  Particular areas of focus:
my closet and dressers, hallway closets and the closet under the stairs
- Doing great on this!

11.  Try one thing each month that I have pinned on Pinterest
- Did this a few months; several times one month

12.  Save $160 a month
- Nope... never saved even the first month.  Completely forgot about this goal

13.  Kindness Advent in December focusing on specific families
(Clausen, Caldwell, Martin, Hill, Hosford, Townsend, Funkhouser, Ramos, Johnson, Neely...)
- Coming in December

14.  Take one overnight trip as a family - local or far away
- Haven't done this either

15.  Personal resolution - something incredibly meaningful to me but that I'm not comfortable putting into cyberspace... I'll let you imagine the possibilities :)
- Trying to remember what in the world I meant by this....????!!!!


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