Brief history of the last two months

No blogging has occurred in the last month at least as we've all been just trying to stay on top of the multiple and fast changes that have happened.  It's all incredibly positive and nothing that we had seen coming, but everything we'd prayed for the last few years.

In mid-April, I applied for a job at Good Shepherd Episcopal School.  I truly didn't think I'd get a call back (to which my husband said "Then why are you applying?") but I just felt that I should put myself out there.  For the Pre-K job of course - because at the time I was intimidated to take the middle school position for several reasons.  I received an email confirmation the next day and phone call the day after that.  I talked with two of the current music teachers and felt an instant connection that these were people I would love to work alongside.  After the conversation they said they'd be in touch.  My phone was having issues with voicemail and I couldn't access it until Friday (three days later).  On my voicemail was a message from one of the teachers asking if I would also be interested in applying for the middle school position.  After reflecting for a few days on the potential of working there, I figured it would be great to teach middle school and see if it would be a good fit for me.

Side note:  During those three days, my mom asked me if I'd applied for the middle school position as it seemed a much better fit for me as a teacher.  I love ensemble work, pushing students to do difficult and challenging pieces and working with the older students.  As the current teacher is the President of the National Board of AOSA and had taught there 31 years I was intimidated that I couldn't live up to the incredibly high standard set.  I had once told a friend recently that I felt bad for whoever took her position because it'd be hard to follow her...

We scheduled a day for me to teach Pre-K, 5th and 7th grade lessons as well as interview with staff and heads of school.  I was nervous, but excited.  My lessons were not perfect, but I loved my time with the students and the school.  As I met the faculty, students and staff I felt immediately at home there.  Then my nervousness became that I wouldn't be asked to take the job and would be disappointed.... compared to my nervousness before due to feeling that I might not live up to expectations of parents/school/former music teacher.

On Friday morning, I received a call asking me if I'd take the position.  It was a very easy answer:  YES!!  God blessed me with an amazing job at Good Shepherd and also with the opportunity to come to Trinity University in San Antonio to take Orff Level III with Chris as my teacher.  What an unbelievable way to get insight into her procedures, methods in classroom and details I would not otherwise have if I wasn't here.  Just finished the first week and am soaking up so much information... so amazing!!

One of the biggest blessings of the school is that it is about 13 minutes from Jeremy's work.  He's been commuting roughly an hour each direction every work day for 9 years.  We knew that we couldn't stay in our current home as it'd be difficult to drive so far each day.

We put our home on the market at the end of April.  Within 15 hours, we had multiple offers.  We were able to make a decision as to the buyer and had an inspection on our current home.  In the meantime, we found a home 4 minutes away from the school and 13 minutes from Jeremy's work.  We put in an offer, had the inspection last week and are now on our way to having both home closings on July 6.  We'll be able to lease back our current home through the end of July so that we can get some things fixed in our new home and possibly paint some rooms :)

The girls are able to come to Good Shepherd with me next year.  Riley will be in third grade and Julia will be in Kindergarten.  We've always hoped that one day we could be able to provide private school education for our girls and this is beyond what we'd ever hoped for.

It's been an amazing journey and I can't see what God has for us next.  He never ceases to amaze me with how He blesses our hard work and dedication to Him.


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