Breakfast Options

Me:  what do you want for breakfast?

Julia:  Candy!  I want candy!

Me:  You have to have breakfast.

Julia:  I could eat candy with my breakfast!  (picks up our popcorn containers) Popcorn!  I like popcorn!!!

Me:  Oh honey.  Popcorn is a snack; not for breakfast.  You could have cereal, eggos, poptarts, toast...

Julia:  I could have these!!!  (holding a small bag of Fritos)

Me:  You're not having chips for breakfast.

Julia:  But I want to!

Me:  Honey, chips aren't breakfast food.

Julia:  Stop it Mommy!

Me:  You can have cereal, poptarts, eggos,... (I pick her up to look in the pantry)

Julia:  Oooooh... I want those!  (points to a big bag of marshmallows)

Me:  Those aren't for breakfast honey.

Julia:  But I want to!!!

Me:  You could have Eggos, poptarts, cereal...

Julia:  I want these (holding Lorna Doone cookies).  You should try some of these, Mommy!

Me:  Oh Jules.  We're not having cookies for breakfast.

Julia:  But I want to!  You should try some of these.

Me:  Here are your choices: eggos, toast, poptarts, cereal...

Julia:  Goldfish are cereal!!!

We finally settled on watching a tv show and waiting until her full hunger hit.  And then she chose poptarts.  Conversation above was within 3-5 minutes tops.  She sure loves her snack foods!


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